Hard Chrome

Since its introduction in 1924, Hard Chromium is the benchmark by which all other electrolytic metal finishes are measured. It provides excellent wear properties, corrosion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction.

Polishing after plate will lower the coefficient of friction and increase the corrosion protection. A properly ground or polished part plated with .00075″ of hard chromium has a smooth homogeneous surface, is free of defects, and will pass a 72-hour standard salt spray test with ease.

Nutmeg Chrome has an experienced team for your polishing and stoning needs.

As an innovator and leader in the industry, Nutmeg Chrome has been designing custom fixtures for complex tools and molds since 1944.


Plating Thickness Range .00005 up to .030"
Hardness 68-70 Rc
Coefficient of Friction 0.15
Molding Temperature up to 800º F
Salt Spray Testing (ASTM) 72 hours
Polishable To SPI / A1