Electroless Nickel

Nutmeg Electroless Nickel is a non-electrolytic process that can provide a bright or semi-bright highly uniform nickel phosphorus alloy coating which exhibits good wear properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Deposit thicknesses can be held to within .00005″, even over complex shapes, deep recesses and internal passageways, without leaving build up on edges.

When deciding whether to bake to achieve a higher hardness, keep in mind that sometimes a softer coating will provide longer wear. We can help you determine what is best for your application.

Generally, an inverse relationship exists between the degree of hardness of an Electroless Nickel coating and its corrosion resistance, the
higher the hardness the less able it is to resist corrosion.

Nutmeg offers both a medium phosphorus and a high phosphorus coating for protection in highly corrosive atmospheres.


Plating Thickness Range .00005 to .002"
Tolerance +/-.00005”
Hardness Prior to Baking 46-50Rc
Hardness After Baking 65-68Rc
Coefficient of Friction 0.21
Molding Temperature up to 700º F
Salt Spray Testing (ASTM) up to 1000 hours
Polishable To SPI / A1