Boron Nitride

A composite electroless nickel coating comprised of ultrafine, hexagonal ceramic particles. This combination makes a synergistic coating with an exceptionally low coefficient of friction as well as all of the inherent properties of electroless nickel. Boron nitride ceramic particles are extremely hard and can withstand temperatures above 850°C. This tolerance for heat allows the coating to be heat treated to achieve maximum hardness. It also allows the boron nitride coating to be used in high temperature applications to provide both lubricity and wear resistance.


Plating Thickness Range .0002 to .005”
Tolerance +/-.00005”
Hardness Prior to Baking 49-52Rc
Hardness After Baking 65-69Rc
Coefficient of Friction 0.10
Molding Temperature up to 1500º F
Salt Spray Testing (ASTM) 100 hours
Polishable To SPI / A3