Nutmeg Nichromold

Nutmeg Nicromold

Nutmeg Nichromold is a multi-alloy deposit utilizing chromium and nickel phosphorus alloys. This uniform highly abrasion resistant finish also offers superior corrosion protection, increasing the life of complex tools and assemblies.

The ability of Nutmeg Nichromold coating to be applied at a thickness of up to .002″, with exceptional uniformity (±.00005″), makes it an effective tool for making dimensional changes on plastic molds, or changing the pitch diameter of threaded components.

Nutmeg Nichromold coating offers excellent corrosion protection from materials normally considered to be troublesome, such as polyvinyl chloride in plastic molding applications.


Plating Thickness Range .0001 up to .002"
Tolerance ±.0001"
Hardness 68-70Rc
Coefficient of Friction 0.15
Molding Temperature up to 700º F
Salt Spray Testing 144 hours
Polishable To SPI / A1