Slik Shot®


Slik Shot® is an electroless-plated coating of nickel phosphorus alloy with Teflon® offering optimum performance offered exclusively by Nutmeg Chrome. 




Plating Thickness Range .000050 up to .001"
Tolerance ± .000050"
Hardness prior to baking 45-50 Rc
Hardness after baking 60-65 Rc
Coefficient of Friction .05
Molding Temperature up to 600º F
Salt Spray Testing (ASTM) 1000 hrs.
Polish to: SPI A2

Plating Capabilities

Slik Shot

High-end finish offered exclusively by Nutmeg Chrome, wears better and lasts longer than standard Nickel Teflon® coatings. Slik Shot® is an electroless-plated coating of nickel phosphorus alloy with Teflon® offering optimum performance.
Slik Shot Specs

Chrome Plus

Hard chrome with Teflon® offers many of the same features as chromium plating with lower coefficient of friction. The increased lubricity is especially suited for molding applications utilizing plastic, epoxy, silicone and rubber, fire retardant and glass filled materials.
Hard Chrome Specs

Nutmeg Nichromold

Nutmeg Nichromold® is a multi-alloy deposit utilizing chromium and nickel phosphorus alloys. This uniform highly abrasion resistant finish also offers superior corrosion protection, increasing the life of complex tools and assemblies.
Nutmeg Nichromold Specs

Nutmeg Electroless Nickel

A unique non-electrolytic process providing a bright or semi-bright highly uniform nickel phosphorus alloy coating with good wear properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Deposit thicknesses can be held to within .00005", even over complex shapes, deep recesses, and internal passageways.
Nutmeg Electroless Nickel Specs

Hard Chromium

Hard Chromium is the benchmark by which all other electrolytic metal finishes are measured. It provides excellent wear properties, corrosion resistance, and low coefficient of friction. As an added service Nutmeg can polish chromium to a spectacular blue-white SPI A1.
Hard Chromium Specs

Thin Dense Chrome

This is a dull chrome with a matte finish. It is usually used when you want the protection of chrome, but not the glaze. Nutmeg's Thin Dense Chrome can be accomplished without blasting the part prior to plating.
Thin Dense Chrome Specs


Nutmeg has the ability to meet your polishing needs. We can take an EDM finish to a SPI A-1 or anywhere in between. We utilize ultrasonic polishers for use on the more intricate molds.
Polishing Capabilities

Nutmeg's Boron Nitride

A composite Electroless Nickel coating, comprising ultrafine Boron Nitride Ceramic particles. This coating has an exceptionally low coefficient of friction, as well as all of the inherent properties of Electroless Nickel. This coating can withstand high temperature applications to provide lubricity and wear resistance.
Learn more about Boron Nitride