Musical Dreams For Human Harmony

Mission Statement For “Musical Dreams for Human Harmonies”
Bill Logozzo, Founder 

When I was a young lad of about 14 years old, I attended a weekend Baptist Youth Retreat. On the closing Sunday afternoon, a minister I’d never heard before gave a sermon that completely captured my interest, something that seldom happened. After the sermon, the minister walked up to me — I was amongst 400 other children — and said, “You are going to be a special messenger of God in this lifetime”.

His powerful words had so much impact on me, that I had even considered going to divinity school after college. But, I just knew that wasn’t for me. So, I completed my military obligation, got married, fathered three children and worked in my family business.

Throughout my life, the minister’s words would continue to haunt me, while at the same time I had doubt that I would ever find the right way to put his message into operation.

Then, at about fifty years of age, I took up the drums on a lark. I enjoyed playing enough to keep at it, until I eventually finagled my way into playing Dixieland music with some of the best musicians around. After seeing the great enjoyment that my music brought to people, I began playing for churches, convalescent homes and at events to raise money for various charities.

Today, my goal is to stay this course and continue giving through music. This vision came to me while performing during one of our big concerts; it was then that I realized that my dream of helping to spread the word of God had occurred in this most bizarre and unimagined manner. Those minister’s words spoken to me so many years ago, had finally become a reality.

But, I quickly realized that my ability to help others is currently limited by the smaller-scale music channels I have access to. Always the problem solver, I soon had another vision — that, if I could just sit and talk to broader-known musicians, such as the remarkable Willie Nelson, I could find a way to combine our music to play for larger audiences. We could charge admission, and the proceeds would go to people in need.

Therefore, it became my dream to offer a special brand of entertainment to people in large numbers and, through their enjoyment and support, give back to the less fortunate — in particular, I would like to focus on helping children. I hope to provide for children that are hungry, or that are somehow disabled; not only in the United States, but all over the world.

The obvious challenge is: how do I find a way to enlist the help of better known musicians on my credentials alone? I knew I needed help. And then, my prayers were answered. It was as if Wendy Marnemeit [Chairperson, Durham Fair Entertainment] was sent to me by an angel. She has given me hope that together, we might be able to bring this dream to fruition.

So, it is my vision that my band can join with other musicians to bring focus to helping others on a larger scale than I am able to do alone.

I don’t know if this vision will materialize or not, but I sure am going to go for it! I have finally realized that we all search in some way for a more powerful meaning to life, and I am convinced that unconditional giving to others is the most meaningful and healing thing that one can do in one’s lifetime.

Finally, by forming the “Musical Dream for Human Harmonies” initiative, I hope to inspire other musical groups to join forces with us, and through my vision, together we might fulfill others’ dreams of a better life.

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Recognition for Community Service:
Prior to establishing “Musical Dreams from Human Harmonies, Bill Logozzo had been busy contributing his time and energy to a variety of charitable causes in his home state of Connecticut. In recognition of these efforts, Bill was awarded the prestigious State of Connecticut Official Citation, in April of 2002, by the Connecticut House of Representatives.

Official Statement: The State of Connecticut Official Citation is given to Bill Logozzo in recognition of service to Community & State as a volunteer, successful merchant and musician: teaching children at elementary schools to play drums, playing at church functions & nursing homes, giving time as a little league coach, and aiding the Joseph Ouida Foundation by helping needy children.

-- Bill Logozzo