Musical Dreams For Human Harmony

A non-profit organization seeking to raise money through musical productions and programs to benefit people with specific medical needs and/or handicaps.

Our Mission:

To solicit and earn funds through musical productions and programs for the purpose of helping people from all religions, races and ages, with specific medical needs and/or handicaps. To achieve the highest donation rate possible, through minimal expenses and volunteer labor.

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Our History:

In the year 2002 Bill Logozzo and Wendy Manemeit met through a musical production that benefited a 9/11 victim’s family. Bill was an accomplished musician and a highly-recognized community service donor. Wendy was NOT an accomplished musician, but she shared Bill’s great interest in caring for and giving to others.

After a few meetings together, the two recognized a shared dream of establishing a foundation to funnel monies to people who are in great need. Adults, children - it didn¹t matter, but one thing was clear: music was the route to the soul and the method for making all feel good.

Thus, a foundation was born. After seeking legal counsel and rounding up initial funds to get started, the two created a name that was reflective of their vision and their goals. After much idea-sharing, “Musical Dreams for Human Harmony” was selected.

The two founding partners realized that they needed to seek assistance from key people that would share their dream and vision. Luckily for the foundation, Shari Lucas and Bill Currlin agreed to join in. Bill brings an acute sense of community spirit and insight, while Shari brings a tremendous musical background and administrative skills.

Well, that¹s the history and we firmly believe that the future is bright and full of Musical Dreams For Human Harmony.

Our Officers:

  • William Logozzo, President
  • Wendy Manemeit, Vice President
  • Marc Ingriselli, Treasurer
  • William Currlin, Marketing & Publicity


  • Ken DiVito, Event Security
  • Chris Manemeit, Youth Liason
  • Hans Pedersen, On-Site Technical Coordinator
  • Shari Lucas, Secretary

Board of Directors:

  • William Logozzo
  • Shari Lucas
  • Wendy Manemeit
  • William Currlin
  • Melissa DiVito
  • Glen Manemeit
  • Chris Manemeit
  • Nancy Currlin
  • Hans Pedersen
  • Brad Snow
  • Kristan Kleeman
  • Judy Peaslee
  • Wendy Sperry
  • Ken DiVito
  • Dana Pedersen, Sr.
  • Beverly Pedersen
  • Kelly Pedersen

Contact Us

Musical Dreams for Human Harmony
111 Vanderbilt Avenue
West Hartford, Connecticut 06110
Tel. (860) 953-5411 or
(860) 349-0008
Fax (860) 953-6502

For Schedule of Events

Phone: (860) 953-5411 or (860) 349-0008


Musical Dreams for Human Harmony is currently raising funds to support the positive works of area charities. All donations are greatly appreciated and acknowledged in writing. Please mail your check to:

Musical Dreams for Human Harmony
111 Vanderbilt Avenue
West Hartford, Connecticut 06110

Musical Dreams for Human Harmony supports and recommends the following musical talents:

  • Heartbeat Jazz Band - Jazz Music - (860) 345-4942
  • Jay Schod - Folk, Contemporary Music - (203) 452-0072
  • Shari Lucas - Organist, Pianist - (860) 664-3616
  • Head First - Classic Rock - (718) 409-1809

How to Apply for Benefits:

Please send a letter to: Musical Dreams for Human Harmony

ATTN: Bill Logozzo
111 Vanderbilt Avenue
West Hartford, Connecticut 06110

Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Organization you are working through
  • Beneficiary¹s name
  • Beneficiary¹s age
  • Beneficiary¹s address
  • Beneficiary¹s need
  • Type of music enjoyed by beneficiary
  • Other information relevant to request.

Information will be kept confidential.

Musical Dreams for Human Harmonies reserves the right to authenticate any and all requests under the guidelines of state and federal statutes.