About Nutmeg Chrome

Technology with a Tradition

We are a leading provider of chrome and nickel plating services. Our specialty is the coating of molds and dies that produce plastic and rubber parts used in all the facets of our daily lives. Those industries include:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Firearms Manufacturing
  • Consumer Packaged Food Containers
  • Plastics Molding Industry
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Tools for Medical Procedures

Nutmeg Chrome Corporation, a leader in metal finishing since 1944, looks to the future with confidence, based on a record of plating excellence maintained for more than five decades. Our company is dedicated to meeting challenges with results exceeding the ordinary.

Each and every customer is of prime importance to us. That means it is our intention to give you expert technical consultation, fine plating by skilled craftsmen and on-time delivery. Our guidelines for service are determined by your requirements. Our success at achieving satisfac-tion is demonstrated by an extensive customer base, many of whom are long standing relationships. Located coast to coast, our customers are found, for the most part, in the plastic injection mold industries, supplying the medical, electrical, firearms, housewares, packaging, automotive and sporting equipment fields.

Keeping abreast of new technological or environmental standards, Nutmeg Chrome is prepared to meet diverse and exacting demands. We have developed products beyond our original chrome and nickel finishes: we now offer seven distinct coatings. Additionally, we can polish to an SPI A1 finish.

Be assured, when you contact Nutmeg Chrome, our commitment to you as a customer focuses all of our resources and dedication to quali-ty onto the task of fulfilling your individual plating expectations.

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Our History

Nutmeg Chrome Corporation was established in 1944, and continues today under the same family ownership. Nutmeg Chrome is recognized as a leader in the metal finishing industry. We are well known for our expertise in polishing and plating molds used in the plastic industry, as well as for our innovative thinking in researching and implementing new plating processes and procedures. High quality, up-to-date technology and reliability stand behind every piece of work we turn out at Nutmeg Chrome. 

In the beginning, we developed the original Hard Chrome plating on molds for plastics. Over the years, we have slowly expanded our plating capabilities and now offer seven different types of coatings. Each coating application offers different features and benefits and was developed with a specific need in mind. Nutmeg Chrome was a pilot company in developing several of these coatings.

Nutmeg Chrome has been the recipient of many awards through the years, and most recently was awarded Mass Mutual's Blue Chip award.


To provide the finest quality services to our customers and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors.


Our values are made up of an overall CHARTER that binds our organization and the team we employ.

  • Communication: Everyone actively participating in two-way communication. Keeping each other informed, expressing ourselves clearly to others, listening and verifying that we understand what others are communicating to us.
  • Harmony: Finding an appropriate balance between our individual interests and objectives, and those of our corporation and our customers.
  • Accountability: Everyone (employees and management) taking responsibility for their own behavior and actions and moving forward toward solutions rather than blame.
  • Respect: Each of us exemplifying in our work and in our relationships that we feel good about ourselves and each other, our work, our accomplishments, our environment and our corporation…and these feelings become contagious.
  • Teamwork: Everyone pulling together, helping each other, supporting each other, working for the common good of our corporation, which benefits everyone.
  • Enthusiasm: Projecting a willingness to tackle our daily tasks with a positive attitude in our communication with others.
  • Resourcefulness: All employees grasping the opportunity to be more innovative and creative in solving problems in our work and for our customers.